Want to volunteer?  We are always looking for assistance in the following areas:

  • Running events
  • Helping out at events
  • Joining the executive committee
  • Running a campaign
  • Putting up posters
  • Delivering newsletters
  • Membership recruitment
  • Reporting issues

For example this year we were looking for someone new to run the Easter Egg Hunt in the Rookery – this usually involves something like putting some clues around the Rookery for children to find and make a word, or finding hidden plastic eggs or an easier trail for the smaller children. The event lasted a couple of hours. We were fortunate that a member came forward to volunteer.

We have had a great response again to helping out on Kite Day in May.  As the event grows and becomes more well known across London its great to see so many of our members giving a helping hand on the day to make this free event possible and, with pride enjoying such a successful friends community event.