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  • Membership recruitment
  • Reporting issues

This year we are looking for someone new to run the Easter Egg Hunt in the Rookery – this usually involves something like putting some clues around the Rookery for children to find and make a word, or finding hidden plastic eggs or an easier trail for the smaller children. The event lasts a couple of hours.

We’ve got sponsors lined up for the chocolate prizes and some help on the day as well, and no doubt plenty of volunteers from the Friends will come and help out too. We’ve also got clues and trails from previous years if you need some ideas.

So, do you have a bit of spare time before Easter and want to be in charge of giving free chocolate to the children of Streatham! Maybe you want to get together with a few friends and want to run it as a team. If so please send us a message using the form below – select Volunteering.

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