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Visiting Streatham Common?

Streatham Common is our wonderful piece of open green space in our built up City.  The space is used for many things, celebrating, relaxing, sports, nature, walking, or just sitting and thinking. Given we all use our space in different ways – please be aware of basic rules that are in place [Lambeth Council byelaws], so that all users can enjoy.

NO BBQ’S, NO FIRES: The fires scorch and destroy the grassland and are banned. The common is a nature reserve and any introduction of fire is devastating to our small but delicate flora & fauna that is dotted around the common. Many insects and birds relay on how our environment is maintained. The fire brigade may be called to put out your BBQ.

BRING ALL RUBBISH HOME WITH YOU: Although we have some litter bins in place, the cuts to our budget mean the Common is overwhelmed with rubbish on sunny days. Please clear up your picnic after you, bring home and recycle. Bagging up rubbish and leaving next to bins is unhelpful as foxes & other wildlife shred bags overnight. The cost of clearing up litter means budgets are diverted away from maintaining other parts of the common. No litter is recycled. Broken glass is of particular concern to all users of the common.

NO LOUDHAILERS OR AMPLIFIED MUSIC:  There has been an increase in groups using loudhailers to assist with sports events and group gatherings. We encourage people joining together to enjoy the outdoors, but using loudhailers to co-ordinate party games or unauthorised sports events is not allowed. The sound carries over the entire common, disturbing everyone in earshot, as is playing loud music from parked cars on the Common. With regard to Excessive noise, the byelaws specify –
No person shall, after being requested to desist by any other person in the grounds:
(a) by shouting or singing;
(b) by playing on a musical instrument; or (c) by operating or permitting to be operated any radio, amplifier, tape recorder or similar device, make or permit to be made any noise which is so loud or so continuous or repeated as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to other persons in the ground.

NO MOTORISED  VEHICLES are permitted on the Common unless permission given. Motorbikes and Quad bikes cause damage and are not allowed anywhere on the green space.

NO METAL DETECTORS: Damage to the common will not be tolerated.

DOGS: Very welcome, but owners must by law pick up after their dogs and dispose in bins. Please keep your dog on a lead if you are unable to control by commands.

DRUGS: As everywhere else in the UK, the use of drug taking on the Common is against the law. An increased use of balloons and Nitrous Oxide [laughing gas] has been particularly noticeable due to the huge amount of debris left behind. The leftover capsules if not disposed of responsibly are very dangerous to children and pets who can bite or swallow them. 

The full PDF from Lambeth council on Byelaws can be found here: lsp-parks-open-spaces-byelaws(1)

PARKING: There is a small car park at the top of Streatham Common South -SW16 3HR. Street parking is difficult on weekdays and weekends when the weather is good.
New restrictions have been introduced on Streatham Common South and surrounding roads. Streatham High Street has no parking, and Streatham Common North has virtually no parking areas as it is also a busy road. Thankfully there are great transport links to the Common.

GETTING HERE: Google map

Bus services are regular and stop directly outside Streatham Common
    50 – Croydon – Streatham – Clapham – Stockwell
    60 – Old Coulsdon – Purley – Croydon – Streatham
    109 – Croydon – Streatham – Brixton
    118 – Brixton – Streatham – Morden
    249 – Clapham Common – Norwood – Anerley
    250 – Brixton – Streatham – Norbury – Thornton Heath Pond – West Croydon – Croydon Town Centre
    255 – Pollards Hill – Norbury – Streatham Common – Balham
    417 – Crystal Palace – Streatham – Clapham Common
    G1 – Streatham – Tooting – Battersea
    N109 – Croydon – Streatham – Oxford Circus
    N133 – Morden – Streatham – Liverpool Street
    N137 – Crystal Palace – Clapham – Oxford Circus

    The 133 & 333 terminate a little walk away at Streatham Bus Garage

Overland train stations serving the Common are:
    Streatham Common
– both are about a 12 minute walk to the Common.

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