Volunteering: Looking after your Common

More than ever, we need your help.

As the Common becomes more popular as a place to rest & play, more work is needed to keep it safe. We cannot do it alone.

As an example – the woods & upper common grasslands need help. These areas support a huge amount of flora & fauna and need continued care. As we are not able to cover it with funding, the Streatham Common Cooperative [SCCOOP] have been organising volunteer days. This happens on a weekly basis, mainly on Tuesday & Thursdays but the odd Saturday too. See what you can offer us. spare hands never go to waste. Its good fun and a great way of meeting people, in addition to directly helping your community.

For further information on how to help on the nature front – contact mered.jones@sccoop.org.uk at SCCOOP

Mered has been instrumental in raising funding from other areas outside of the public purse…The Bags of Help initiative from Tescos, recently awarded SCcoop [Streatham Common Cooperative – Woodland Wildlife & Water Project] an award of £1,000.00 which will be paid upon satisfactory completion of due diligence. Every penny counts as they say!

You can read more about Bags of Help here

If getting your hands dirty isn’t your thing – there are many other ways to support FoSC.

We are always looking for people with bright ideas to help with events, organising and stewarding, and also looking at how we can find funding to sustain the Common into the future. Is there an idea that needs looking at? Are you able to create a plan that can add value to the Common and the community? We need you!!

Contact us here at chair @ streathamcommon.org


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