What it Offers


To be found at the bottom of the Common near the A23. It has swings of various kinds and a variety of climbing frames for children of all ages. There is a paddling pool area but it has not been filled since 2005 for lack of staff; instead it is a good area for running around and kicking a ball etc. There are benches and tables. And toilets are available, at least during the holidays and at weekends.

Paddling pool

Although the pool in the playground is currently out of use, the one near the car park is open during the summer. The water level is low for safety reasons. Both the pool area and the water are kept clean. There are picnic tables on the grassy area around the pool.

Tennis court

There is one court on Hilly Four Acres, close to Covington Way. There is a booking fee.


Situated by the car park at the intersection of Covington Way and Streatham Common south, the cafe is open daily from 10.00 to 18.00 and serves standard cafe food and drinks, some Italian dishes plus ice creams.

Car park

This is situated next to the cafe and is open until early evening. Closing times vary and are posted around the car park.

Pubs & restaurants

Both are on offer at the bottom of the Common, on Streatham High Road (the A23).


Above the car park is an area of well established woodland, predominately oak, intersected by a path and horse ride.

The Rookery

Comprising a number of discrete areas, the Rookery includes a garden area that is on the English Heritage Register of Historic Gardens. The garden area includes an Old English Garden, a White Garden, water features and a well that is on the site of one of the original Streatham spas. The Rookery is closed around dusk – exact times are on the noticeboards.

The Orchard

Between the Rookery and Hilly Four Acres there is a good area for picnicking, with tables, lawn and trees for shade.

Hilly Four Acres

A sloping meadow (the only original meadow left in Streatham) next to the Orchard that is only mown once a year – in the Autumn – and is notable for its beautiful grasses, as well as offering splendid vistas. If there is snow, the meadow becomes a tobogganing slope.


Dotted around the whole Common are designated viewpoints consisting of a bench and a floor-plate that indicates where landmarks can be seen. These viewpoints were provided by the Friends of Streatham Common and the Streatham Management Advisory Committee as a Millenium project.

Dog walking

With the exception of the Rookery, the Orchard, the playground, the paddling pool and the cafe, dogs are allowed on the Common but must always be under control of the owner. Any dog ‘poop’ must be scooped and placed in the bins provided.

Kite flying

Because of its position, the lower part of the Common is ideal for flying kites and is the site an annual Kite Festival in the spring.


There is a cricket strip (artificial turf) and some soccer pitches (goals can be supplied and the pitch marked out if a booking is made). Soccer training for children takes place at weekends, and running clubs use the Common for stamina training.


The Common is on numerous bus routes (50, 60, 109, 118, 159, 249, 255, 417) and is within less than 10 minutes walk of both Streatham Station and Streatham Common Station.