Know Your Trees 11th June 2017 @ 2pm

Know Your Trees 11th June 2017  @ 2pm

A walk around the Common, led by Dr Iain Boulton of Lambeth Council, who will point out key features of, and facts about, the different tree species that can be found in the area.

You can see this event as not only a fun educational walk, but one that will be good for your health! Research shows that within minutes of being surrounded by trees and green space, your blood pressure will drop, your heart rate will slow and your stress levels will come down.

Meet by the Rookery Cafe at 2.00pm.

Free – but you can always make a donation if you enjoyed it!



Why Join The Friends of Streatham Common

Why Join The Friends of Streatham Common

The Friends need you!

Green space everywhere is under attack. From development, from budget restrictions, from environmental impacts, from vandalism, from privatisation. We need our green spaces, for play, for peace, for health and for future generations to enjoy. The Common belongs to us all.

All sorts of skills are needed to keep on top of the work that the volunteers of the FoSc provide. Our Kite day is run entirely by volunteers and attracts people from all over the country, and some even travel from abroad to attend, such is the professionalism of the event and those who play apart in it. Bird walks and nature trails are great fun & educational for the volunteers and attendees alike. It brings you closer to the common. But have you got something you know about? Do you see something missing that could enhance and sustain the Common through into another century? A transferable skill…a particular knowledge…..something that you think the community might enjoy?

Come and talk to us.

We need to think outside the box on how we raise funds, on how we preserve, on how we educate others on how special this place is. New ideas are welcome. Especially from young people. You are the future of this common and it needs safe hands to pass it into. You are not expected to give up a lot of time, just now and again when we need a spare pair of hands or a voice where we need to be heard. But if you want to give more – we would love that!

Be part of Streatham’s future.

to join, click here for fees.