Love Your Common….?

Love Your Common….?

For those that dont have access to a garden or balcony, or work long hours, or have young children – Streatham Common provides the perfect place for escape. Whether its hanging out in the playground or walking through the woods, laying in the long grass or kicking around a football – we all agree its a wonderful place to spend a sunny day.

The common hasn’t escaped the swinging cuts of the last few years and has lost around 70% of its funding. The FoSC volunteers & Sccoop work hard to make the most of what we have in way of volunteering and fundraising. They also spend a lot of time trying to negotiate with the Council to have things fixed, or even to have a rubbish collection. Everything is fought for.

But one thing we cannot control is litter. That is down to everyone of us who use the Common.

If taking a picnic, chilling out or using the Common for exercise – we ask that you leave no trace. The cuts mean that we only have a limited bin collection. The Common on busy days & weekends is unable to cope with the amount of litter left. The downside of this very much affects the environment in a number of ways.
  • Vermin numbers increase, attracted by leftovers. Foxes pull the bins out at night and the common in early light is strewn with rubbish. Food, Nappies, pizza boxes – its all a favourite among our unwelcome visitors – Rats.
  • Collected rubbish cannot be separated and recycled, which increases the costs on all of us through Council Tax.
  • Broken glass is a danger to children and pets.
  • Wild birds become starved by ingesting plastics and rubbish which doesn’t break down in their gut. Leftover scraps can also poison or choke dogs.
  • BBQ’s [which are not allowed] leaved scorched earth and destroy grasses. It is a particular concern as we are part of a designated Nature Reserve, the largest in Lambeth. And as they are usually too hot to move, they are left smouldering and already this year the fire brigade has been called on more than one occasion.

Love your Common. Take ALL your rubbish home with you. Recycle. And know you have invested, in a small way in protecting your Common and keeping it safe for your Community.