Fruit Trees Planted

Nine apple and three pear trees were planted by volunteers in the Rookery Orchard on February 23rd. Each tree is a different, carefully- selected variety. The varieties  include comice pear and bramley apple. They replace five dead or dying trees that have been removed.

New Trees Planted

Scores of new trees were planted on the Common today as part of a biodiversity offsetting programme being managed by the London Wildlife Trust. The trees are just whips – less than a meter tall and aged 2-3 years. They are all native British species, such as hawthorn, field maple and guelder rose. The first batch were planted near the Streatham Common North / Leigham Court Rd junction.

In coming weeks, more tree whips will be planted further down Streatham Common North, at the bottom of Streatham Common South and in one or two other areas. More planting and some maintenance of brambles and woodland will be planned for the autumn.

Meanwhile, Lambeth council has been clearing back vegetation along the path that leads from the car park to Norwood Grove. This has involved cutting back brambles and removing some small trees, mostly dead elm trees. The work is intended to make the path  less hemmed in and therefore to seem safer.