Biodiversity Offset

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson launched an innovative biodiversity offset project on Streatham Common  on 17th December 2013.

Biodiversity offsetting aims to ensure that new natural sites are created or enhanced as compensation in a measurable way for sites that undergo unavoidable damage or loss due to development.

The project will see native species of trees, shrubs and other plants planted at carefully selected areas on Streatham Common (most of which was declared Lambeth’s first ever Local Nature Reserve in April 2013). The planting – and some maintenance work – will more than offset the removal of trees necessary for the expansion of the Thameslink train depot in Selhurst and is aimed at increasing the biodiversity on the Common. The work will be overseen by the London Wildlife Trust, who will look after the new plantings until 2017. Work will begin soon but not until Lambeth Council and the Friends have agreed on the details.



2 thoughts on “Biodiversity Offset

  • June 6, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    Much as we in Streatham appreciate the new trees etc. in Streatham Common, the whole concept of offsetting nature is completely bankrupt. You cannot replace one place with another. Not here, not anywhere.

    Furthermore Streatham common already existed as a green space and nature reserve. No one has gained anything in the way of extra space! We have only lost what Cross Rail has destroyed.


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