Staying safe on the Common

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If visiting our beautiful Common to have a picnic or take a walk – it is really important that you take home any litter with you, for 2 reasons. The Common does not have recycling facilities and the bins will never deter wildlife from pulling out your old picnic items. BUT now more than ever – to keep EVERYONE safe, members of the public and park workers alike – please take everything home with you. Only a tiny percentage of the wider public have had a covid test – so we have no idea if we are carrying the virus or not. You can spread the virus without presenting symptoms. Please do not put others at risk.

To prevent a second wave of Covid, we must work together to ensure our contact points are lessened.

Please be aware the benches are not sanitised, so if you do need to sit down, it is advisable to sit on the grass. Do not use the benches for exercise for the same reason. If you do use the benches be aware and ensure you wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.

Please keep 2 metres apart from others whilst on the common. Football games are not encouraged because you should only be with one other person outside of your family group, not with lots of friends or people from outside your home. Ball games generally call for close contact with other players, and accidents happen and you may direct the ball to a passing stranger. The spread of the virus is that easy.

It is great to see that most joggers have chosen to run on the grass and are leaving the pathways for walkers, those less mobile, those using wheelchairs and parents with children. We very much appreciate the efforts of our community to make change to their routine. Early mornings and late evenings are great times to engage in exercise, you have more room to move about, and enjoy the quietness of the common.

Dog owners – please keep all dogs on leads until further notice to reduce the opportunity for any complications that can arise. Please be extra vigilant on picking up your dogs mess, since it is important that more people may need to sit on the grass rather than the benches.

And remember – this is all temporary. The sooner we can get this virus under control – the sooner our lives can get back to normal. All of us have a role to play in supporting each other and our community

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