Kisstory license application hearing: Tuesday 21st May 2019 @19:00

Kisstory are back in July with a 2 day event on Streatham Common on the 27th & 28th July 2019.

A single extended license application to cover 3 years July 2019-2022 has been made on behalf of Kisstory by the organisers We Are The Fair Ltd. This is to be heard at the

Licensing Sub-Committee

Tuesday, 21/05 7pm Brixton Town Hall.

Anyone is welcome to attend to hear the meeting [other planning applications are also on the agenda], but to make any kind of Oral representation you MUST inform Thomas Dunn either by phoning the licensing planning office or emailing him at by 14th May. If you do not, you will not be allowed to speak on the evening. All support is welcome.


The organisers of Kisstory, We Are The Fair Ltd had attended a committee meeting with Friends of Streatham Common and spoke on future plans in February. FoSC had an opportunity to directly feedback on issues surrounding previous issues. It was a useful meeting, we very much appreciate them reaching out and whilst we do not have a problem with the organisation themselves who have listened to our concerns, it is problems with the councils overall responsibility to the common which have been identified. FoSC objections include:

  • Damage to the Common is never adequately repaired.
  • Noise levels are unacceptable with houses only 100m from the stage yet noise levels are monitored over 400m away.
  • No transparency on the deal between the council and the events company – the initial agreement was to put 1/3 of the profit back into the Common but this agreement has now disappeared.
  • Parking & traffic is severely disrupted from the start of set up to final take down.
  • Rubbish in the surrounding streets is never cleared.
  • Drugs are openly sold in the surrounding streets.
  • Urination (or worse) in the surrounding streets.
  • The event is not run for the benefit of local people or for the Common but instead run entirely for the profit of the council and at the expense of the Common.



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