Moths in Close Up: 9th June 2018 @ 9.30am

Moths in close up 2018
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Come and see which beautiful (and not so beautiful) moths have been trapped overnight in the Streatham Common Community Garden. The moth trap will be opened at 9.30am in the Community Garden – entrance door in the brick wall near the sundial in the Rookery’s Old English Garden.

According to the Guardian “Moths are vanishing from our skies at night, declining in southern Britain by 40% over 40 years. Three species have become extinct this century already, following the permanent loss of 62 species in the twentieth century.”

It goes on to say “The moth-phobic may wonder what they have ever done for us, but moths pollinate plants at night, are snapped up by bats, and their caterpillars are a crucial source of food for almost all garden birds. Broadcaster Chris Packham, the vice-president of Butterfly Conservation, said: “The general public’s hearts are not going to be bleeding for the Double Dart moth, but they would be bleeding for all the birds that feed on its larvae.”

Full article

UK Moths website

These events are FREE and organised by volunteers. We welcome your support either through donation or through Friends Of Streatham Common membership or The Streatham Community Garden.

Streatham Common Community Garden is a historic walled garden situated within the Rookery public garden. Formally a kitchen garden of the Rookery (the last manor house that stood at the top of the hill, built in 1786), the site of garden was also used a Council nursery, supplying plants for parks and green spaces across Lambeth, before falling in to a state of neglect.




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